May 18, 2022   date   
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Calendar of Events

Weekly Yahrzeit List

David Alpert Father of Carole Hall
First Name Last Name Relationship Name Full
Albert Alper Father of Janis Brams
Victoria Angel Mother of Mona Angel
Karnit Breite Mother of Tarra Schulman
Daniel Browne Brother of Julie Harland
Sonia Cherbowsky Mother of Jose Cherbowsky
Bennie Deich Father of Carolyn Wolf
Kylee Elovitz Sister-in-law of David Elovitz
Carole Friedman Wife of Dr. Jay Friedman
Janet Friedman Mother of Ina Rosen
Janet Friedman Mother of Risa Friedman Lauth
    Mother of Daniel Friedman
Marilyn Friedman Mother of Barry Friedman
Harold Fuchs Father of Marsha Schjolberg
Cecylia Granat Mother of Simone Mager
Samuel Grodberg Grandfather of Dr. Jennifer Grodberg
Jacob N. Gross Father of Frances Schnall
Rabbi Jerome Gurland Grandfather of Molly Magerman
Joan Lesnick Sister of Helen Lesnick
Bruce Letvin Father of Serena Reiley
Cheryl Persky Sister of Judith Persky
Clara Stern Mother of James Stern
Clara Stern Mother in law of Marcia Kern
Harry Surkin Grandfather of James Nierman
Jeanne Trattler Aunt of Susan Gail Thomas
Ruth Andrea Yellon Mother of Mara Goverman