October 31, 2020   date   

Calendar of Events

Weekly Yahrzeit List

Esther Menaker Grandmother of David Kaiden
Stanley  Canter Father of Steve Canter
Bertha  Dervish Grandmother of Lital Gottlieb
First Name Last Name Relationship Name Full
Edythe Holtzer Aunt of Jayne Marx
Rebecca Angel Grandmother of Mona Angel
Carolyn Calvo Mother of Judy Dolnick
Sadie Cohen Grandmother of Carolyn Berlin
Ida Dauerman Mother of Sue Ann Scheck
Raquel Levitan Dillon Daughter of Ruth Kaplan
Marian Edney Mother of Barry Edney
Harry Fishstrom Grandfather of Kathy Scott
Norma Hoffman Mother of Charles Hoffman
Barbara Holley Sister of David Lieber
Gizella Kluchin Mother of Elaine Gottesman
Esther Ladman Mother of Phillip Ladman
Jeanne Watt Basnight LaShure Mother of Jennifer Goldstein
    Grandmother of Benjamin Goldstein
    Grandmother of Zoe Goldstein
Martin Lubell Father of Eileen Ferber
Ann Mager Mother of Jay Mager
Irving Meyrowitz Father of Jerome Morrow
Sanford J. Norian Father of Sherri Shovers
Anna Ratner Grandmother of Erica Ratner
Rubin Rosen Father of Allen Rosen
Sherwin Z. Rosen Father of Sharon Leib
Albert Simon Father of Belinda Harris
Samuel Vanetsky Father of Myron Vanetsky
Charlotte Wittenberg Mother of Laurie Guss