April 6, 2020   date   

Calendar of Events

Weekly Yahrzeit List

Name  Last Name Relationship  Member Full name
Jewel Brager Aunt of Melinda Wynar


Yahrzeit April 5 to April 11    
Name Last Name Relationship Member Full Name
Abraham  Angel Grandfather of Mona Angel
Irving  Balto Father of Lori Barnett
    Father of Joan Hoffman
Rebecca  Behar Grandmother of Mona Angel
Belle  Cohen Grandmother of Lori Barnett
Ruth  Fenig Mother of Syma Russell
Majer  Fenig Father of Syma Russell
Donald  Fishstrom Father of Kathy Scott
Marshall  Gardner Uncle of Dr. Daniel Gardner
Gisela  Gelin Mother of Fred Gelin
Laurence  Gross Father of Elizabeth Wosika
Susan  Haber Mother of Jennifer Frankel
Jacob  Haim Grandfather of Jeff Simon
Martha  Henkin Mother of Laurence Henkin
    Mother-in-law of Lynne Henkin
Krystyna  Jaffe Mother of Stefan Loren
Buddy  Kaye Father of Michael Kaye
Clare  Lesnick Mother of Pamela Herskovitz
Harold  Lipton Father of Dr. Stuart Lipton
Sophie  Matalon Mother of Alan Geraci
Clara  Mirsky Mother of Edward Mirsky
Martin  Otelsberg Father of Barbara Benavidez
Bessie  Rosengarten Mother of Inez Kaufman
Esther  Schwartz Mother of Dr. Martin Schwartz
Martin  Schwartz Father of Peter Schwartz
Larry  Shiller Father of Gerald Shiller
Gitel  Silverman Mother of Charlotte Zuckerman
Harry  Slotnick Grandfather of Renee Lucas
Sam Jake  Weiss Father-in-law of Beverly Weiss