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Stars & Stripes Committee (SSC)

Military Outreach for U.S. Active Duty, Veterans, and their Families

The mission of the Stars and Stripes Committee of Temple Solel (SSC) is to encourage active engagement between the Temple Solel congregation and the greater San Diego military community, including Active Duty, Reserves, Veterans and their families, by promoting opportunities for collaborative learning, volunteering, and charitable work supported by our Temple Adult and Youth Programs and our congregation at large.

The SSC meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00 PM.  It is dedicated to creating projects and opportunities for our members and the entire Temple Solel community to build relationships with, provide support to, and help our military and veteran community.

SSC members include Temple Solel veterans, staff, Jewish military members of local military units, and any temple members interested in supporting the mission.

Personnel or temple members interested in participating in this social action project, or if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or ideas, please reach out to:
Marsha Schjolberg,

The SSC has Temple Solel logo name tags and logo baseball caps available for purchase. Please wear with pride at all events.  See photos below.

Click here to make a donation online.

Annual Activities

1. National Stand Down for Homeless Veterans
This is an annual event that occurs in San Diego and across the United States every July. SSC has developed a strategic partnership with Veterans Village of San Diego to provide ongoing visibility for Temple Solel, broaden public awareness of the Jewish commitment to our troops and our community, and offer a homeless population, who protected and served, the services they need to improve their lives.

Each year, more than 800 homeless veterans, men, women, and their children, are given a warm bed, fed, clothed, and offered medical, dental, counseling, legal and veterans outreach services. Many church and community groups sponsor tents in which the homeless are supported and in which they sleep. Community groups also provide food, clothing, medical, dental, nursing and counseling support. Temple Solel, often in coordination with Jewish War Veterans posts in San Diego county, sponsors of a tent for the National Stand Down.

The SSC promotes ongoing year-round volunteer opportunities to our congregants in support of the veterans who are now living in the Veterans Village for the Homeless, built adjacent to Naval Medical Center San Diego

2. Business/Dress Clothing Drive for Veterans and Service Members Seeking Employment
The SSC is also reaching out to support our local military, via the Veterans Association of North County (VANC). The SSC has entered into a joint effort with the VANC to provide appropriate business/dress clothing to military personnel and veterans who are preparing for a civilian job hunt. The VANC is a non-profit, one-stop resource center for all veterans and military families located in the north county/Oceanside area. The VANC, through its Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP), provides a free service to all ranks and branches of our dedicated military personnel re-entering the civilian job market and veterans who are currently unemployed or underemployed. These military and veteran job seekers often do not have the civilian clothing appropriate for job searching.

Twice a year (dates to be announced), we will ask for clean, "gently" used or new clothing as follows: for men - dress suits, slacks, shirts, ties; and correspondingly for the women - business suits with skirts or pants, and dress blouses (including a hanger), any size or length.  Additionally, the VANC is seeking volunteers to help staff and run its many committees and projects. If you are interesting in helping the VANC, see “How Can I Help”, under “Support Us” on its web site:

Interested members may contact Marsha Schjolberg, 760.492.7443, or Art Rudnick, 760.295.4800,

3. School Supplies Collection for Camp Pendleton Elementary Schools
The SSC for many years has overseen a collection of school supplies for the elementary school children at Camp Pendleton. The congregational response has been terrific.

The SSC continues supporting this annual summer collection. Desired are pencils, pens, notebooks, 3-ring binders, and note book paper, crayons, backpacks for small children, etc. In-other-words, material that elementary school children use in the class room, where often as not, the teachers are buying supplies out of their own pockets. Many of our retired teachers in the congregation will attest to this.

The collection commences after 1 July and continues through mid-August. If you are buying school supplies for your children during this period, consider spending a little more and donating to the Temple collection. Attending outdoor Friday evening services or bringing your children to Sunday school would be opportune times to drop off school supplies. There will be collection barrels on the Temple grounds.

Please support this worthy cause to support the education of our youngsters. Click here for list of supplies needed, runs through September 2018

If you have any questions, please contact Marsha Schjolberg at, 760.944.1671 or Art Cravets at, 760.722.8404.

4. Formal Wear Drive for Local Marines
Every year, the Marines and Sailors at Camp Pendleton have several formal social events planned throughout the year. They include a Mother/Son Dance and the Navy Ball in October; the Marine Corps Ball in November; and a Father/Daughter Dance in April. Young military families, as well as young active duty Marines and Sailors, have limited incomes and might not be able to afford to purchase formal wear for these events. In the past, Temple Solel has provided a “thank you” to active-duty Marines and Sailors by collecting and donating over 75 ball gowns.

When the need arises, Temple Solel via the SSC, teams up with the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) for its annual Ball Gown and Tuxedo Giveaway. We need clean, "gently" used or new formal dresses, gowns, or tuxedos (including a hanger), any size or length. Formal wear should be delivered to Temple Solel from June through August, so they can be sorted, sized and ready for delivery. At that time, we also send out a call for personal shoppers to assist both active duty and military spouses in choosing their formal wear and accessories at Camp Pendleton. To receive a tax donation letter from the ASYMCA, you must attach your name and address to your donated clothing.

5. Guest Speaker Series
For the past two years the SSC has sponsored a guest speaker in the spring, usually in March. The speakers have a relationship historically to Jews. To date, we have had Marta Cohn, a WWII battlefield nurse and spy for the French underground and author of "Behind Enemy Lines: the True Story of a French Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany" and Sassy Rueven, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force who participated in the counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission carried out by commandos of the Israel Defense Forces at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on July 4, 1976 to liberate Jewish hostages held there.

Call to Action

Support the National Stand Down for Homeless Veterans
Solicit business/dress clothing in support of our military personnel and veterans who are preparing for a civilian job hunt
Solicit school supplies collection for Camp Pendleton elementary schools
Solicit collection of formal wear in support of military functions at Camp Pendleton
Schedule tours at military facilities and ships.
Support religious activities aboard Navy ships in port, such as Pesach Seders and Hanukkah festivities.
Support the guest speaker series

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