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Garden of Giving

"Just as you came and found trees planted by others, so you must plant for your children”

From this central message, a circular pathway of granite tiles and pavers inscribed with the names of our children, families and loved ones permanently reside. The Temple Solel Garden, designed by artist Laurie Gross is an extension of our Sanctuary design of the glass shards bursting forth upon creation. The center of our garden features a circular arc vibrating out to its core edges—signifying “Solel” and our pathway to Torah and holiness.

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As of August 2021:

$10,000     Large black scallop shaped pavers emanating from the central quote 
                  (up to 15 words)
$5,000       Large brown rectangular pavers framing the core aperture design 
                  (up to 13 words)
$3,600       Flower petal shaped pavers      
                  (up to 11 words)
$1,800       Pavers immediately surrounding the flower design 
                  (up to 11 words) 
$1,000       Medium pavers in the mid-section of the flower border
                  (up to 9 words)
$540 -        Small pavers outlining entire garden or outer row of the flower border
                  (up to 9 words)
$180          Smallest rectangular pavers outlining the entire garden 
                  (name only)


For additional information, please call the Temple Solel office at 760.436.0654.

Please note that paver lettering fades over time.