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10th - 12th Grade



“The lessons you have taught us are valuable and life changing, and I’ll carry them with me throughout my life.  Being in this community has been one of the brightest things in my life. You and the other students in my class are the most genuine people I know.  I can be myself and be accepted by you.”  

Our Teen Journey program for 7th-12th graders is overflowing with joy, meaning and community.  Rabbi Berk, Cantor Tiep, Craig Parks, Debby Stone and Brenda Silvers lead our teens through a journey of “Getting Ready” (exploring Judaism on a higher level) to “Onward”  (preparing to carry their Judaism into their post high school lives).  Through deep discussions, meaningful stories, incredible guest speakers and community-building trips, our five stupendous teachers enable the teens to explore, challenge and understand Judaism’s wisdom and guidance. 

10 UPWARD - God, Spirituality, and Prayer - For Real. Life and Afterlife. God ideas. Meditation and Prayer

Taught by Rabbi Berk and Cantor Tiep

10th Grade Class Curriculum

11 OUTWARD - Civil Rights and Society; Race; Sexuality and Choices 

Taught by Debby Stone with guest speakers who are experts in their field speaking during every class 


12 ONWARD - Ethics, Business, Morals and Joy, Setting up for the College Years

Dinner and Discussion at Rabbi Berk’s house for every session

 12th Grade Class Curriculum

Join us for a journey through your teen years!  For information, contact School Director Ellen Fox (; 760-334-1465).