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Teen Kibbutzim

2021-2022 Kibbutzim Is Open for Registration October 6th

Now, more than ever, our youth need to connect with their peers. Our children are craving meaningful friendships, and we are honored to provide that path! 

Teen Kibbutzim is a new innovative program that partners teen pods with adult mentors who share a specific passion to build strong Jewish connections within our Community.

Here are descriptions of the 21 Kibbutzim offered this past year!

Available To 7-12th Graders:

Code Kibbutzim with Ben Monro (10 Person Limit)
Create the next award-winning game or app! Join this Kibbutz to learn how to code and turn super cool computer ideas into action! 
Surf's Up! with Rick McCurdy & Daniel Baird (12 Person Limit)
Meet other surfers and explore all things surf and surf culture. 
Sports Talk with Hershel Sakulsky (12 Person Limit)
Are you an aspiring sports expert? This is the Kibbutz for you! Talk playoffs, favorite players, top ten lists, Hall of Famers,
all-stars, and (as a bonus) learn about the Jewish athletes who made it to the big time! 
You Be the Cantor with Cantor Billy Tiep (6 Person Limit)
A rare opportunity for some cantorial training with our beloved Cantor Tiep. Learn how to lead and explore current and traditional Jewish music. No experience necessary! 
Climate Solvers with Judy Berlfein and Dadla Ponizil (10 Person Limit)
The future of the planet is at stake, our actions and leadership will make the difference! Take hold of your power to make a change with other teens who care about our planet. Educate and inspire others on how to take action while being guided by incredible climate change activists!
Movie Mania with Ben Miller (12 Person Limit)
Explore all facets of film making. Share favorite films, talk about what makes a movie great, and create your own short films!
Creative Nourishment Zone with Jessica Levy (12 Person Limit)
Foster your creative side in a supportive community of other artists. All artistic mediums are welcome! Learn about yourself and others through connection, games, creative challenges, and personal projects.
Tikkun Project with Jess Kormos (12 Person Limit)
Are you looking to heal our world through Social Action? The Tikkun Kibbutz is the place for you! Meet other activists to discuss human and animal rights, environmental issues, mental health, poverty, hunger, and more. Let's create a network of future world leaders!
K'Tivah Writers Kibbutz with Ali Littman & Jess Kormos (10 Person Limit)
Explore different forms of creative writing with experienced and published writers. An incredible opportunity to grow your skills in a supportive environment with others who share your passion for writing!
Tasty Times - Cooking for Life! with Jacki Labovitch (12 Person Limit)
Calling all foodies! Learn about various aspects of cooking and elevate your food. Cooking is an exciting and delightful art form- anyone can do it!
Deeeeelightfully Deeee-stress with Craig Parks (12 Person Limit)
Join this Kibbutz to learn how meditation and mindfulness can help reduce anxiety and improve connections with yourself and others. The benefits of these practices are endless!
Computer Gaming with Aaron Blanchett & Lise Flocken (12 Person Limit)
This kibbutz will connect you with other Jewish teens who live nearby and love gaming as much as you do. Get ready to form new friendships while doing what you love!
Dream Making with Lise Flocken (12 Person Limit)
Learn how to manifest your dreams into reality with an incredible mentor who has already helped thousands of teens build their own dream journey. 
Jack Box Games with Fletcher Block (Unlimited)
Join us for fun and silliness as we play interactive and creative games as a community. Laughter is a staple of this Kibbutz, must laugh to play!
Get Your Body Moving for Athletes with Don Hauth (10 Person Limit)
Explore games and activities that can be done while socially distant. Frisbee golf, kickball, sports drills, obstacle courses, and more! Please note: This offering may transition to being in-person when it is safe to do so.
Take A Hike! with Dr. Rob Weisgrau (6 Person Limit)
This Kibbutz is for true nature lovers who love the beauty of the great outdoors and the exhilarating feeling of a great hike. Please note: This offering may transition to being in-person when it is safe to do so.
Snap That Photography! with Laura Jucha (8 Person Limit)
Learn about how to take that perfect shot from a professional in the field. Your photos might even be featured at the San Diego County Fair! No experience needed, and all cameras, including phones, are welcome!
Please note: This offering may transition to being in-person when it is safe to do so.
Exclusively Available to 9-12th Graders:
Neshama Nosh with Craig Parks (12 Person Limit)
This Kibbutz is for folks who can't stand the superficial parts of life, and love to dig deep into things that really matter to them. Learn to use Jewish wisdom as a medium for understanding life's challenges and engage with other deep and caring souls. The Neshama Nosh Kibbutz will feed your soul and enable you to walk through life mindfully! 
Kavannah with Craig Parks (12 Person Limit)
The Kavannah Band has been a Solel tradition for over twenty years. This Kibbutz is open to all 9-12 graders who are proficient in an instrument and enjoy playing with a group. You do not need to know how to read music as long as you know how to play your instrument and have a true love of music and Judaism. You will help lead and perform as you bring joy to Solel through your musical gifts!
LGBTQ+ & Allies! with Laurie Rosenberg (12 Person Limit)
This Kibbutz is a brave space to explore and discuss experiences growing up as a Jewish member of (or ally to) the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether you are out and proud, quietly questioning, or just support of the community, this Kibbutz is for you!  This Kibbutz is mentored by an openly gay Jewish woman who grew up in an era when it was not acceptable to be out. Our goal is to help teens navigate their own journey through discussion. This space will be safe and supportive!
All Up in Your Business with Marty Gluck (12 Person Limit)
Discover the road to leading in the business world. Build your entrepreneurial toolbox and find inner boss voice!