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The main focus of our Hebrew school is to teach students to decode and read Hebrew, learn core Shabbat Service prayers and understand the meaning of those prayers.  To achieve that goal, the school curriculum focuses on learning Hebrew through prayer.  We divide our school into three trimesters.  Students are tested at the end of each trimester on reading and/or chanting prayers, vocabulary, grammar and prayer concepts.

Sound files for virtually every prayer of the curriculum and beyond are available online.  Click here to be directed to the prayer page.

For additional information contact: Ellen Fox, School Director,

Sunday Hebrew School


(Each Syllabus informs you what was covered on each day so that your child knows what to prepare for the following week)

Alef Syllabus
Alef Reading Pages
Alef Flashcards – Photocopy These Back to Back
Alef Study Sheets
Alef Study Sheets with Answers

Bet Syllabus
Bet Flashcards - Questions - Semester 1
Bet Flashcards - Answers - Semester 1

Bet Flashcards - Questions - Semester 2

Bet Flashcards - Answers - Semester 2


Gimmel Syllabus
Gimmel Flashcards - Questions - Semester 1
Gimmel Flashcards - Answers - Semester 1

Gimmel Flashcards - Questions - Semester 2

Gimmel Flashcards - Answers - Semester 2


Dalet Syllabus
Dalet Flashcards - Questions - Semester 1
Dalet Flashcards - Answers - Semester 1
Dalet Flashcards - Questions - Semester 2

Dalet Flashcards - Answers - Semester 2


Classroom Brit (covenant)

Classroom Rules