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Hebrew School Curriculum

The curriculum of the Hebrew School is driven by three goals:

  • That each student graduates from our program able to read (decode) basic Hebrew words.  While full reading comprehension is not a goal, an understanding of basic Hebrew grammar and vocabulary is also a part of our teaching mission.
  • That each student graduates from our program able to participate, and be comfortable, in religious services. That includes an ability to read and chant prayers, largely associated with Shabbat morning services. It also includes an ability to learn new prayers, learn new tunes to prayers, and walk into any service and know what is going on. For some students, this will extend to an ability to lead prayers as well.
  • That each student graduates from our program with an understanding of how tfilah and the siddur connect to his or her life. This goal is met through discussion of the meaning of each prayer that is learned. Teachers will guide discussions that help the students carefully examine the elements of a prayer that carry meaning.

The material covered at each Hebrew school grade level is listed on the Study Guide.